Apartments for sale in Sozopol

This villa  is materialized idea of establishing a base for summer vacation or year round use, meets all modern requirements for comfort.

Located in Sozopol, „Budzhaka“ (Harman beach), 200 m from the beach near downtown.

The yard is 1127m2 and the built-up area is approximately 950 m2.

The composition of the housing is developed around an elegant staircase, located centrally, which connects the various levels together while the spaces divided by allowing for gradual acceptance in the horizontal and vertical terms.

The three levels of the building contains two bedrooms and one apartment. In the top floor are two separate bedroom suites.

Group „day“ for each of them has a spacious living-dining room with kitchen available immediately from the entrance. There are courtyard garden, swimming pool and barbecue. Rich glazing and spacious balconies looking effect of the beauty of the sea during the day and the romance of the stars at night.

Group „night“ is oriented towards the courtyard. Access to private bedrooms and is situated near the bathroom.

In each apartment is equipped with TV, Internet, telephone, alarm (alarm) and intercoms.

In all sites are spent communications: electricity, water, sanitation and others.

The building is solid, extremely high quality and built with modern materials.

Issued a „Permit for Use / ACT 16.

The villa has free parking in the yard for all owners.

Maintenance costs of the complex – security, swimming pool and common areas are shared between the owners.

Apartments for sale on the first ground floor :
A1-94,13 m2 (furnished) – 80 000 Euro
A3-98,22 m2 (furnished) – 83 500 Euro

Apartments for sale on the second floor :
A4-93,65 m2 (furnished) – 80,000 Euro

Apartments for sale on the third floor :
A7-93,65 m2 (furnished) – 85 000 Euro

Apartmenst for sale on the fourth floor :
A10-102,78 m2 (furnished) – 105 000 Euro

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+359 888 660406 ; +359 892 204380;

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